Procedure for completing a residential property survey 

- Pinch Surveying receives a signed contract from the client. 
- Our staff visits the appropriate Town/City hall to start the research. 
- Reviews all of the data found in the Town/City hall and marks on a map the 
location of all referenced markers found. 
- Field crew visits the site to search for existing monumentation. 
- Field crew will then locate, using surveying instruments, all of the existing               monumentation. 
- The office manager will enter all of the field data into our computers which will      give each point a coordinate. 
- The office manager will now use the existing coordinates with the research data   to determine the proper location of your property corners. 
- Field crew will return and set new iron rebars on each of the property corners. 
- Invoice is sent to client. 

General information on the profession of land surveying

If I want to sell a portion of my property to my neighbor, can I just give him a deed to file?


No, any land transfer that does not create a new lot requires an administrative subdivision.